senior book

The book includes our projects from our GRA 462 class,

senior poster show submissions

The task for this poster was to create an innovative design with the following information about the final show: title, with a supporting explanation, all the students names in the class, the institute identifier, location, date, time of the show, and a qr code linking to the website. The focus was on the visual aesthetics, and the hierarchy of information. We wanted to draw in the eyes with the visuals, and then provide them what they need to know as concisely and cohesively as possible.

senior poster final exhibit

Through a tower of building blocks, with the bottom being very unsteady, as if it could give way at any moment, I depict how childhood impacts our future. It shows how difficult it can be to build a fulfilling, comfortable life, on top of an “unstable foundation.” This relationship is where I drew the title of “Unstable Foundations” from. On the higher blocks, I added some text that shares some long-term effects of abuse; to further the thought. My subtitle is “the effects of abusive beginnings,” which is intended to assist in the connection between the title and the social issue.

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